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Email: artworks@artbydavedean.com    Call us: 585.593.1028
Lingering Scents of Maple
Glen Iris Inn
Branch of Passion
Castle On The Hill
Crooks Farm
Fields Of Learning
Heat Rising
Le Beau
Letchworth Gorge
Olde Woodshed
Pier Beneath
Table With A View
Tall and Bearded
The Other House
The Sprig
Wiscoy Creek
If you are seeking to purchase beautiful and original works of art, please take the time and view my website. I provide all of my customers with amazing Allegany County NY country paintings that will compliment just about any room in your home or office. What started out as a hobby to keep busy has now become my life’s work and I am pleased to be able to share this with you.
For my
realistic paintings in NY, I use soft watercolors and delicate lines to show every single detail of the image I am painting. I am surrounded by beautiful landscapes, which often become the center of my next painting. I try to capture as much of the image as possible and make it look as if you are standing in the landscape as well. My skills as a watercolor artist have allowed me to give my customers something truly unique.
abstract paintings in Allegany County NY showcase what surrounds me where I live. I currently have barn paintings and even Maine Pier paintings available. If you are interested in any of my paintings or are curious about my technique, please do not hesitate to contact me. I also have Allegany County NY floral paintings. Each painting that is for sale is listed on my website under portfolios.
You can contact me via email address, telephone number or the question entry section on my contact page. I enjoy the interpretations and the reminiscing that my paintings inspire. I hope that you will enjoy viewing my realistic paintings in NY. Each painting is a true original and each painting has received the same amount of dedication and hard work.