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“One look at Dave Dean's paintings and his talent and vision are obvious. His attention to detail and use of vibrant colors result in images that you want to reach out and touch, scenes that you want to step into. His images truly touch the heart and spirit.

And  Dave's wonderful personality and enthusiasm, when combined with his talent, add a truly unique quality to his art. We have been providing fine art reproductions for Dave, and I look forward to seeing and appreciating each and every painting that he brings in.”

Kathy Martin
Martin Studio of Photography

“We waited a while before we decided where to put the painting, "THE OTHER HOUSE". We wanted to make sure we put it in the best spot where we would get the most viewing time. Bob hung it above the fireplace mantel. It looks like the painting was made for that spot. Now we can fully enjoy it. Everyone who enters our home takes a few steps in and gets to enjoy our home away from home.

Thank you so much, we absolutely love the painting, "THE OTHER HOUSE", and we could not have expected it to be any more true to life.”

Bob and Kerri
Email: artworks@artbydavedean.com    Call us: 585.593.1028